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The power of perspective

It’s our role to find a clear and ownable space for brands – simultaneously connecting them with what their audiences value, distinguishing them from their competitors whilst being authentic to their culture and product. It’s how every brief begins.

But when it comes to communicating our own agency story, practising what we preach becomes an almighty battle.

It seems we’re not alone in wrestling our own narrative. We recently reviewed the sites of our industry contemporaries, large to small, local and global. The vast majority kicked things off with a variation of the well-trodden spiel, ‘We combine insightful strategy with show-stopping creative to deliver effective client solutions’, backed up by a whole bunch of ‘We do this…’ and ‘We think that…’ statements.  

Why as agencies are we all so rubbish at positioning ourselves differently and communicating with the reader in mind? Because it’s tough to see the big picture when you’re so close to it. It often calls for the clarity and perspective that an outside view brings.

With your own business, it’s personal. You want to get errrrything across, fearful of missing something important or resonant. Problem is, we think it’s all important. Because it’s all important to us.

But as outsiders, we filter the things that resonate and the things that don’t, and we join the dots between brand, audience and the greater world with far greater clarity. Quite often, we can walk into businesses and know instinctively what needs to change within the first half hour.

As businesses increasingly take their creative teams in-house, they face the inevitable myopia that comes from working on one brand in one industry, narrowing the team’s frame of reference and creative latitude. That’s where agencies can still come in, injecting fresh thinking at key moments. Be it working collaboratively on the next campaign, giving the brand strategy or system a refresh, or conducting quarterly inspiration sessions, an injection of perspective, clarity and new thinking can help to keep internal teams and their brand on track.

– Chris Laws, Managing Director

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