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  • Brand strategy

  • Brand identity

  • Tone of voice

  • Brand guideline

  • Brand application

  • Wayfinding and environmental

  • Website (Atlas)


Reinvigorate Artspace with a brave new brand that recaptures the organisation’s proud, maverick past, and their ambitions for a challenging, thought-provoking future.



Stakeholder research and strategy led to Everchanging:Everchallenging as our brand idea, informing a dynamic brand identity that reflects Artspace’s constantly changing program and distance from the traditional gallery concept of art on walls – instead working with shifting spaces within the bounds of the Gunnery building.

We sought to push the boundaries of design and layout to places of discomfort, reflecting the ever-challenging ethos of the organisation and its contribution to the local and international arts community.

The brand strategy links Artspace’s role as a nurturing home for contemporary art expression with its place as a platform for diversity and provocative thought.

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