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Black Dove

  • Naming

  • Brand Identity

  • Illustration (with Stella Luna)

  • Packaging design and production management

  • Web design


Create a clean-sheet brand for a new indie cherry-infused vodka.



Vodka tends to be pure as the driven snow. Or as a white dove. Not this vodka. Its sharp, tasty cherry kick was inspired by the founders’ ski trips to Europe where similar products existed, and it tastes unlike anything found on the local scene.

When you see a black dove in dreams, it represents something that is the opposite of your expectation. And so became the name. This symbolism led to a design language inspired by tarot cards, evoking a mysterious, slightly dark, risk-taking personality for the brand.

Once we’d developed a name, we worked with them on branding and bottle design concepts, and collaborated closely on bottle production.

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