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Central Park Mall

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Take an existing, legacy identity and turn it into a flexible retail communications system befitting of its young, inner-city audience.



To reflect an offer skewed towards urban eateries, entertainment and street-fashion, we re-built the existing C mark from iconography matching the things that take place at Central Park Mall. The mark can change and evolve with each season or event, and allows for artistic collaborations and brand takeovers. Rather than feeling like a detached legacy, the core identity now connects intrinsically with Central Park Mall’s evolving proposition and lends itself brilliantly to digital applications, including their digital walls in-centre.

From this new identity language we created a new suite of in-centre and campaign templates which use these icons in playful ways, at various scales. Together with new typography and a flexible colour palette their in-house design team now have a brand toolkit which is both easy to manage and limitless in possibility.

We continue to work with Central Park Mall on key events and campaigns.

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