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  • Event concept

  • Creative development

  • Collaborator sourcing and management

  • Artwork

  • Event production and props sourcing (with Groundswell)

  • Content filming and edit


Encourage toy manufacturers and retail buyers to think differently about two of Disney’s oldest brands, Spider-Man and Disney Princesses with a live experience space at Melbourne’s Toy fair.



With a tight budget and 40 metre run in the concourse of the Melbourne Convention Centre outside the entrance to the Melbourne Toy Trade Fair, we had to do a lot with a little. The global strategy for Princesses had shifted from a collective of pretty girls seeking a prince, to confident, powerful individuals. For Spider-Man, the ambition was to shine a light on a range which extends into pre-teens for the first time.

We engaged collaborators to tell our story in an original and adult fashion. For the princesses, we teamed up with The Letterettes to bring individual Instagram-style quotes to life that represented each princess’ personality. These were hand-painted on to walls and personalised postcards over four days.

Real-life masking-tape slinger Buff Diss created a spider’s-web installation, and we teamed up with the event caterer to create a coffee cart serving up ‘Spidey Strength’ in a cup, giving a caffeine-driven reason for delegates to come back. And back. And back.

Postcards ran out, potential customers took the time to learn about product, and the coffee station was the event’s most popular.

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