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Got Soul Collective

  • Brand identity

  • Art direction

  • Brand toolkit

  • Website design (with Atlas Agency)

  • Social media assets


A multi-talented group of DJs, singers and musicians were on the verge of taking their already successful club gigs to the next level. We were asked to inject the same sense of booty-shakin’ fun into their visual presence as they bring to their live sets.


In a genre flooded with hackneyed visual tropes of musical periods gone by, we sought to create a unique look and feel that breaks with convention and brings the same party vibes as their name and music suggests.

Drawing on the eclectic musical influences of Disco, House, Latin, Funk, RnB and Neo-Soul, we created a visual expression which uses a vibrant array of colour, bold type and experimental tropical imagery. The brand is applied across social, Spotify, stationery, merchandise and gig collateral.


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