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Ketchup Partners

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Develop a more mature identity for our video and motion friends over at Ketchup Partners. Like their name, their previous identity was rather cute. And as a studio doing high end work, it was limiting their ability to connect with larger corporate clients.



‘Everything’s Better with Ketchup’ was the original thought behind the name. And that friends, is an undeniable fact. The team behind the business back it up by being some of the loveliest, funniest, most talented people we know. So our identity sought to better reflect the balance between their quirky charms and their top-of-the-game capabilities.

We developed a simple and strong brand expression for a sophisticated sensibility, then literally added some special sauce. Squiggles of the good stuff help to highlight and punctuate the language-driven brand, holding onto a sense of fun whilst giving the brand a more suitable presence for servicing the bigger end of town.

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