MADMIA | Born & Raised | Branding and Creative Agency


  • Brand identity

  • Tone of voice

  • Packaging design

  • Social media assets

  • Point of sale


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” With an ethos like this, this re-brand was always going to be fun. MADMIA is an established purveyor of crazy, multi-coloured socks, shoes, swim and dancewear. We needed to appeal to their young unicorn-obsessed customer base whilst encapsulating the boundless energy, creativity and passion of Insta-famous ​creative director Tanja Filipovska, the driving force behind MADMIA’s success to date.


With an in-your-face fluoro colour palette and a tone of voice that empowers the young target audience to be themselves, we injected 1000 volts of fun into packaging, point of sale and social content. The bold identity is made ownable by incorporating ​a ​love-heart into the logotype, and the design system encourages bold and playful application.


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