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  • Qualitative research

  • Brand strategy and architecture

  • Brand identity

  • Tone of voice and key messaging

  • Photography

  • Launch campaign concept

  • Launch campaign TVC product

  • Launch campaign assets

  • Website re-skin and campaign landing page

  • Brand guidelines

  • On-campus branding


Take Martin College, a staid, well-established vocational education brand and position it for a future as an aspirational, higher-education alternative. 



Martin College has existed for over 35 years, providing diplomas across Business and Marketing, Graphic Design and IT, Travel and Tourism. But despite its heritage, the brand has lacked any distinction in market – and talked to all student types in the same generalist tone.

With an ambitious new management team and equally ambitious growthtargets in place, along with new higher education courses coming online, we developed a brand with the ambition and confidence to match the organisation’s changing culture.

A research and strategy phase unlocked a new brand architecture for simpler schools (faculties), and drove the name change to Martin, doing away with the educator’s vocational heritage. We created a flexible branding system that spoke to creative industries in a very different way to business candidates, using our M mark as a bold, flexible pattern.

We developed strong messaging and tone of voice that placed focus on Martin’s unique qualities – teachers and mentors that genuinely care, a supportive and social working environment, and incredibly flexible study options.

To launch it, we applied the brand across the built environment in each campus, and developed the ‘Become a Monday Person’ campaign to drive brand awareness and leads, a result of data insights proving Mondayitis to be a very real thing.

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