Pranzi | Born & Raised | Branding and Creative Agency


  • Brand strategy

  • Brand identity and guideline

  • Restaurant brand applications - menus, uniforms, packaging, signage

  • Communications templates and website concept

  • Restaurant design in collaboration with The Great Indoors


Give a new Italian-inspired café trattoria opening in the hotly contested Surry Hills area a strong chance of surviving with a strong name and identity, setting a flexible template for chain expansion over time.



Born from the charming personalities of the operators, we developed a brand with a surprising sense of fun. The Italian language is romantic and evocative. It turns out everything sounds better in Italian, even cheeky pick-up lines. These formed the basis of our identity, providing a smile in the mind for customers curious to know more.

The identity features a bold palette, graphic patterning, etched illustrations and renaissance art for a varied palette of elements which strike the balance between contemporary and tradition, and can be customised for each new Pranzi café.

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