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Rawson Communities

  • Brand architecture strategy

  • Brand identity

  • Campaign platform

  • Tone of voice and messaging

  • Campaign toolkit

  • Media plan execution

  • Marketing and sales collateral

  • Brand video (with De Republica)


Re-think the traditional development brand model in property development to capitalise on Rawson Communities’ biggest market advantage.



The Sydney property market is facing a strong headwind, and new suburbs are littered with me-too residential community brands, created for today, gone by tomorrow. Rawson Communities own a number of such communities with names, marketing and amenities which feel largely like their neighbours.

Buoyed by data showing that home buyers are beginning their search by developer before community, we worked with Rawson Communities to flip the brand model on its head and leading with the developer, before feeding leads through to locations that suit their buying criteria.

Rawson Communities is part of the Rawson Group, which owns Rawson Homes, Thrive Homes and Mint Loans. That all adds up to the opportunity to deliver a smoother customer experience with greater co-ordination across the many moving parts, amounting to greater peace of mind at a stressful time in customers’ lives.

We developed ‘Build Happy’ as an overarching brand idea, and re-developed the Rawson Communities brand to work with this new monolithic brand architecture. Working with trusted media and PR partners, we launched the campaign against a backdrop of flat market activity. The first two months have exceeded ambitious lead generation targets, significantly reduced cost per lead, stronger lead qualification and even distribution of leads across key regions.

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