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Secret 7″ 2016

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand identity

  • Key messaging

  • Communications toolkit and templates

  • Communications roll-out

  • Brand activations

  • Product design

  • Photography

  • Website (Atlas)


In 2016, we continued our partnership with Secret 7” to design and produce every aspect of the brand experience from identity to exhibition, website to flyers, program to social media. We also aided in the curation of events, workshops, partner activations and general organisation for the annual project.



Secret 7” is a project that combines music and art in aid of a good cause. Each year the project takes 7 tracks from 7 international recording artists. Those tracks are then pressed to single sided 7” vinyl 100 times each. Artists, designers, photographers, illustrators or anyone wanting to get involved can then submit a one-off sleeve design for one of those tracks.

When collated, those 700 individual pieces of sleeve art are then exhibited in a month-long exhibition before being sold on a first come first serve basis. The twist is that you don’t know the designer, or what track it’s for until you part with your money.

This year the project was hosted at the newly opened Sonos Studio in Shoreditch in London and the exhibition welcomed thousands of visitors over its four-week residency. The exhibition was activated with a number of other events, such as 3 sleeve making workshops; a talk exploring the role of artwork in music; a sleepover to Max Richter’s 8-hour album ‘Sleep’; the recording of 80 live performances directly to vinyl as part of the Public Records project; the creation of 7 unique Thierry Noir x Rega turntables; and the re-animation of a vintage jukebox. The project managed to raise a record breaking £42,000 for Amnesty International.

We started the 2016 project by creating an identity that was born out of two fundamental parts of the project, records and sleeves. The flexible identity allowed Secret 7” to completely own their complex and multi-faceted communications program that ranges from sponsorship activations to musician partnerships, event promotion and more.

It was then applied to digital, environmental and print materials that tied the entire project together and helped to make it the most successful year in its 5-year history.

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