Sheike | Born & Raised | Branding and Creative Agency


  • Seasonal campaign concept

  • Shoot art direction

  • Tone of voice and copy

  • Instore windows and communications

  • Look book

  • eDM design


Give Sheike a more distinctive presence in the me-too fast fashion market. We sought a story for the season and brand which went beyond product, to create differentiation from close competitors.



Turn the dial up a couple of notches with a stronger and more directional point of view for the brand in its Spring campaign, using confident language and art direction across their instore, brochure/look-book and digital communications. The result is ‘Second Nature’, a cohesive campaign direction for the Spring launch, inspired by the collection’s futuristic take on natural formations, shapes and patterns.

Sheike’s fast-to-market model means the traditional approach of one seasonal campaign trend simply can’t keep up with their customers’ expectations. So within ‘Second Nature’ we developed mini-trend stories, from natural curves and bold prints to monochrome stories and separates as evening-wear, to support Sheike’s ongoing range releases.

Hero campaign imagery features Sheike’s trademark prints in a bold interplay with the models, creating a confident and distinctly Sheike campaign. This was supported by look-book shots which build on the campaign theme.

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