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The Grocer’s Pantry

  • Brand strategy

  • Naming

  • Brand Identity concepts

  • Brand Identity toolkit

  • In-store signage and menus

  • Retail communications and point of sale

  • Uniform design


Develop a new brand for a boutique greengrocer that curates the best of the best in market-sourced produce, and apply it to the retail store experience.



The Grocer’s Pantry offers up epicurean fruit and vegetable varieties. It’s where you might go if you want to choose from ten different varieties of tomato. It’s where special, market-sourced produce lives, the type of produce a green-grocer is likely to keep for their own pantry.

Working with The Great Indoors, we developed an identity derived from traditional European deli-tile details in the architectural concept, and applied this across the grocery, café and deli areas of the space. We worked in with Westfield’s food-court palette whilst finding moments to make the brand stand proud, such as the metal signage in relief.

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