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Build a brand and campaign solution to help Thomson
 Reuters take a leadership position over key rivals in the SME
 law practice category.

Highly respected
 for providing legal documentation to the law industry, its foray into business solutions such as document automation
 and management software had arisen through the
 acquisition of well-established product brands. The market continued to connect with these brands, largely failing to make the connection back to Thomson Reuters as a full-
suite provider.



Develop the ‘Best Practice’ suite brand platform, bringing together the equity from the individual product brands and underpinning it with the trust and goodwill of Thomson Reuters. Best Practice is both a promise and an outcome. A promise that Thomson Reuters will continue to provide the best tools available for streamlining law practice business processes and an outcome for practice managers – managing their time-based businesses to be the most effective they can be.

Best Practice serves as a leadership standard for the Thomson Reuters to uphold internally, and provides significant opportunity to own the positioning via thought leadership content & events. We developed a communications plan and suite of campaign assets that bring a refreshing and human face to legal practice solutions, working within the global brand parameters.

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