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Young Academics

  • Stakeholder research

  • Brand strategy

  • Employee launch

  • Brand identity

  • Illustration

  • Brand roll-out

  • Campaign templates

  • Brand guideline

  • Animated video (with partner)

  • Website (with Atlas)


Young Academics is a rapidly growing childcare group with centres across Sydney. They believe in play-based learning and attracting the best carers. They needed a complete brand overhaul, from stakeholder research to brand strategy and team culture, to roll-out of a new identity, website and marketing.



Despite a focus on attracting and retaining the best carers, YA’s culture wasn’t defined. We worked with them to define their purpose and values, launching the brand with their team before anyone else.

Childcare is a relatively low-paying and thankless employment category. Yet the importance placed on the level of care far outweighs fancy facilities. Pleasingly, Young Academics focuses on both, with fresh new centres run by people who love what they do.

Our brand and the website place carers at the heart of communications – from photography that shows them with children throughout the site, to a strong emphasis on recruitment. The brand is child-like, yet adult-friendly, and features graphics which can continually reinvent spaces, communications, animations and social posts. Because the world doesn’t need yet another childcare brand in multi-coloured chalk type with backwards-facing letters.

We worked with our friends at Hank Mango to bring to life the first day at Young Academics via animated video. The sweet little explainer is intended to set both parent and child’s mind at ease for what’s sure to be an emotional time.

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